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Ever since their early beginnings, singer and guitarist Rick Parfitt had been a pivotal member of legendary British rock band Status Quo. Standing abreast of Francis Rossi, the two made up the creative core of the band and therefore birthed more than 60 UK chart hit singles and 32 studio albums. Astonishing career highlights include being an opening act at Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in 1985 and being appointed an OBE.

When the awful news broke on Christmas Eve 2016 that legendary rocker Rick Parfitt had passed, fans around the world were devastated that one of rock s most iconic performers had been silenced. However, unknown to almost anyone, Rick had in fact virtually completed his first solo album whilst undergoing a period of recuperation after his heart attack in July. Featuring 10 brand new songs, including the title track that broke hearts anew when it was played at Rick s funeral, this is an album of depth and passion. Created by Rick Parfitt and Producer Jo Webb, the record is a true labor of love and
showcases the softer side of Rick as a writer, artist and performer away from the Quo maelstrom as well as the purest rock and roll sound of earlier Status Quo records. Despite the fact Rick Parfitt had finished recording his guitar and vocal parts, a recording session was planned to happen in February 2017. Certain tracks were not totally finished when Rick died. The call to help ensure that his work could be completed, so that the world could hear it was answered by musicians of the caliber of Queen s Brian May and Muse s Chris Wolstenholme, both of whom were close to Rick. Rick s son, Rick Parfitt Jr, was also involved in the creative process, as were John Rhino Edwards and Alan Lancaster, among many others and mixed by top producer Ash Howes. Available on CD Digipak/180 gram vinyl & Digital.

Track Listings

1 Twinkletoes
2 Lonesome Road
3 Over and Out
4 When I Was Fallin'' in Love
5 Fight for Every Heartbeat
6 Without You
7 Long Distance Love
8 Everybody Knows How to Fly
9 Lock Myself Away
10 Halloween

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